The Dynamics have changed. How will renters react?

In today’s pandemic market, renters are no longer interested in taking a hefty bank loan to pay for a one-year rental contract. They need flexibility and room to breathe. The economic situation is not great, and renters know it. While many have decided to repatriate, those who have stayed back are on the lookout for feasible options to maintain their livelihood.

Due to uncertainty and overall economic distress brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are need rental terms that allow them a certain sense of freedom. Signing annual contracts means paying a deposit fee, as well as, giving a lump sum in advance every quarter. Monthly rental terms also have the entire maintenance and billing costs covered.
Furthermore, with social distancing being the norm, tenants don’t prefer hotel apartments that have common areas for utilities. They now tend to opt for somewhere more isolated, to maintain their peace of mind while also taking adequate precautions for their safety.

The solution lies in short-term rentals. Short term rentals offer so many advantages for renters of today’s area, right from fully furnished apartments to taking care of maintenance costs. It’s a simple and easy affair, without the need for signing long contracts. All renters have to do is follow the rules and guidelines set in place.
Traditional just doesn’t cut it anymore. Renters are smarter than ever before and they are aware of the information on hand. Everything is transparent, and at the slightest hint of insincerity, they will move on. Integrity, honesty and flexibility are the go-to values of today.

Overall, experts at Keys Please, who have been in the business for more than 16 years and have provided their services to over 82000 guests, concur that short-term or flexible rental could possibly be a permanent future in Dubai.


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