Say goodbye to Ejari and experience hassle-free renting

Dubai Holiday Homes Market Review 2024

Say goodbye to Ejari and experience hassle-free renting

Say goodbye to Ejari and experience hassle-free renting!

We understand the inconveniences and complexities associated one time upfront advance payment for a year to owners then paying agent fees, deposits for DEWA, gas, Du 24 month contract when you have just landed in the UAE not to mention paying rent while you are away on vacation Additionally, the investment and time to furnish the property and waiting for a month to receive all items, can be overwhelming, especially for New comers

But here’s the good news: Keys Please offers a revolutionary approach to streamline and simplify apartment rentals for both tenants and landlords. Here’s what you can expect: Easy online process: Keys Please provides a user-friendly online platform where tenants can browse through a wide selection of licensed homes. Detailed listings, high-quality photos, and virtual tours empower you to make informed decisions from the comfort of your home.

Instant booking: Say goodbye to paperwork and complicated processes. With Keys Please, you can instantly book your desired apartment with just a few clicks. Once confirmed, you can start planning your move without delays.

Transparent pricing: No more hidden charges or unexpected surprises. Keys Please ensures complete visibility into rental prices and associated costs, allowing you to budget effectively. All pricing information is clear and upfront

Secure transactions: Your security and peace of mind are our priorities. Keys Please facilitates secure online payments, providing a reliable and trusted platform for all financial transactions. You can confidently make payments and track your rental expenses through our intuitive interface.

┬áTenant support: Our dedicated customer support team is available throughout your rental journey. Whether you have questions about a property, need process guidance, or require assistance with any concerns, we’re here to help.

Efficient document management: Keys Please simplifies the documentation process by digitizing and securely storing all necessary documents on the platform. Say goodbye to physical paperwork and enjoy easy access whenever needed.

Ongoing services: Once you’ve moved into your rented apartment, Keys Please continues to support you. Our platform offers various value-added services, including maintenance requests, bill payments, and community engagement features. We strive to ensure your renting experience remains hassle-free and enjoyable

┬áMaintenance : 24/7 complimentary so that you don’t have to worry about a bulb change or when the ac has to be serviced Flexibility : stay as long as you want with flexible payment and guaranteed rates with no increase cancel any time with zero fees With Keys Please, apartment rentals have never been more convenient.


Licensed by Dubai Tourism: all our homes are licensed by Dubai Tourism and commerce marketing ensuring standards are met and satisfaction guaranteed

Say goodbye to the complexities of Ejari and embrace a streamlined, user-friendly solution that prioritizes your needs. Experience hassle-free renting today and discover the future of apartment rentals!


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