Why should you partner with a local holiday homes operator

Dubai Holiday Homes Operator

Why should you partner with a local holiday homes operator

Why should you partner with a local holiday homes operator

Are you an independent rental property owner in Dubai wondering how to pivot to thrive in the post-Covid hospitality landscape? Mulling over joining one of the international hotel chains? If yes, you might want to read on.

The last 1.5 years, no doubt, have been unprecedented in several ways and as a result, businesses across industries all over the world were forced to re-align their strategies and quickly adapt to the developments. Looking ahead, cutting down operational costs while maximizing profits seem like the best way to go. But what’s the smartest way to go about it?

Although partnering with a renowned global hotel chain might seem promising at a glance, taking a long and hard look at this prospect will show you why you shouldn’t. There is no denying that the new realities presented by the pandemic have drastically changed guest preferences. Add technology advancements to this mix and the result is the latest demographic of hotel guests. For instance, post-Covid hotel guests are averse to valet parking services offered by hotels as it raises challenges to the health and safety of both staff and customers. The case is similar with the business centers offered by hotels to guests. As we continue to think of ways to isolate ourselves more for health and safety reasons, shared facilities such as business centers inside hotels are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Now, let’s take a look at how technological advancements contribute to this changing dynamic. Think of restaurants attached to a hotel. The reality (love it or hate it but you just can’t ignore it) is that you cannot expect your hotel guests to dine in these restaurants alone these days as the soaring number of food delivery apps vie for their attention. They don’t have to be tied down to the few choices available at the restaurant downstairs when they have the freedom to order anything they want from any part of the town and have it delivered to the comfort and safety of their rooms. The same goes for concierge services as well.
So, how can you capitalize on these changing guest preferences to cut down costs without compromising on guest experience? Joining forces with a local holiday homes operator might be the key to tapping into this new demographic of hotel guests, who are looking for a change of scene after a prolonged period of working from their own homes.

“The drastic change in guest preferences and expectations has unlocked smart ways for property owners to cut costs and pivot their business models. Partnering with a local holiday homes operator who knows the domestic audiences and their preferences is the right way to go. This option is lucrative as taxes for holiday homes are also much lesser than that of licensed hotel apartments.”

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