Dubai residents leave high-rises for townhouses and villas

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Dubai residents leave high-rises for townhouses and villas

What is making Dubai residents leave high-rises for townhouses & villas ?

The demand for larger villas and townhouses in Dubai is at record levels in 2021 as the coronavirus pandemic continues to redefine real estate sector trends. “Say what,” you ask?

Yes, Covid-19 has made proud homebodies out of us all and people now have bigger expectations out of their living spaces and are willing to pay for more amenities and certain luxuries. We now have a stronger desire to nest and make that place as soothing and uplifting as we can.

If you look at it a little closer, this shift in the dynamics is not at all difficult to understand. Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, working from home has become the routine for a large majority of people around the world, including those of us in the UAE. More and more of us have set up workstations and gyms inside homes to avoid going out and using shared facilities, not to forget our newfound love for urban farming as a way to reconnect with the nature and beat stress. And since all family members are in the house throughout the day, we also realized the importance of having more spacious homes. Given these new realities, the rising appeal of villas and townhouses is a no-brainer.

Yet another interesting aspect of this market trend is the rising appeal of villas and town houses rentals, thanks to a myriad of factors such as increased flexibility, convenience and lack of upfront costs. Tenants are becoming increasingly averse to committing to yearly contracts and are more comfortable with monthly payments due to existing job uncertainties. Short term rental villas and town houses offer such tenants all the facilities needed to work from home on working days and enough options to relax during the weekends – that too without having to worry about safety and hygiene.

“Agility and adaptability have become the most important requisites to enhance occupancy and drive growth in the holiday homes industry following the outbreak of the pandemic. Acquiring these qualities is non-negotiable to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the sector.”

Private living spaces that allow less interaction with other people and shared facilities is the new norm – and looks like it is here to stay.

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