Short Term vs Long Term Rentals

Short Term Vs Long Term

Short Term vs Long Term Rentals

The first thing that a Dubai Home owner has to calculate is how much revenue are they losing as their property is sitting empty, and how much potential profit they could generate out of it had they given it out on a short-term rental.

Leasing on Long-term rental is no doubt a stable option but for the property owners to get their desired tenants, paying the market price, takes up quite an amount of time. It makes no sense to leave the property sitting empty and losing on the potential revenue. During this time the home-owners could opt for short-term rentals and look for the best suitable tenants to get the property occupied.
Plus, the property owners could use their property as a holiday home. And they can still put it out on the market for short-term rentals. Win-win!

What does the current market say about Short Term Rentals?

If you are a home-owner and you are looking to invest your property for profitable revenue, you need to gauge your way ahead. You have to have a three-sixty degree idea about the current market trends. If you are thinking to opt for short-term rentals, there are some basics you would want to cover before you take a jab at it.
First thing’s first, you have to look deep into the heart of your target audience and you will see where the market trends are heading towards. Your target audience is people who would want to occupy your property, and that is the case with both short and long-term rentals. But especially with short-term rentals in Dubai, the homeowners would be benefitting from the fifteen million tourists who come to Dubai every year. Being a smart investor, you cannot lose out on that market.

Who are the target audience that would want to occupy short term rental properties in Dubai?
The first question we are here to answer is about demography. Is it mostly made of tourists or are their locals too interested in short-term rentals? – It’s generally a mixture of tourists and locals. Guests and holiday makers range from staycation bloggers to corporate travelers who are on the lookout for a beach apartment or simply a cool duplex in the financial district.

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